3rd Annual Striper Tournament


Fish will be weighed to determine the winner at Hampton Harbor Tackle.

3rd Annual Striper Tournament


• Person – $50.00


This is not a ticket to get on a boat to fish. Al Gauron Party Boats will not be participating in the tournament. Your official entrance number needs to be included in a time stamped video of you landing your fish by 10:00pm. Fishermen will have until 10:30pm to get the fish to weigh in, however, you must call the Tackle office to advise that you will be bringing a fish in before the 10:30pm deadline. You must pick up your entrance number between the hours of 4:00pm and 6:00pm on July 27th at Hampton Harbor Tackle. You may purchase any bait and tackle you need as well. Each person on every vessel must be registered individually. Each Angler may only enter one striper to be weighted. All stripers must be of legal size limit in order to be considered. All stripers must be fresh at the end of the tournament to qualify for weight as determined by the judges. Each fish will be cut open after being weighed to ensure there are no foreign objects inside the fish, including ice. If any foreign objects are found, the fish and angler are disqualified. This tournament is conducted on the basis of the honor system and relies on the sportsmanship of the registered anglers. Any participant caught violating the tournament rules will be banned from the tournament and will lose all eligibility for prizes. The judges reserve the right to exclude any individual who is deemed disruptive to the tournament.


Saturday, July 27th 6:00pm-10:00pm


• 1st place: $5000
• 2nd place: $500
• 3rd place: $250

Phone (603) 926-2469
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1 Ocean Blvd

Hampton Beach, NH 03843