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May 21! Fishing everyday!! And THANKYOU!!

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May 21! Fishing everyday!! And THANKYOU!!

All day everyday 8-5
Marathon Monday every Monday 6am-6pm with assigned spots. This Monday has 2 spots left due to a cancellation.
Half day is sold out Memorial Day weekend. Next available half day trips are Fri May 29 am and pm!
Private charters for small to larger groups available.
Feel free to call me 6039262469 or book online!

Also wanted to thank everyone for your continued support. Interestingly enough I sit in the ticket office every morning and know a lot of you. Some of you bought gift cards over Christmas or have rainchecks from a bad weather day- but yet you come to the window and pull out your wallet. I remind you of what you have and you tell me you will save it for when everything is back to normal when we are not fishing at half capacity. I will always remember these small acts of kindness.

Other than that- fish report out later tonight!

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