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Rocky's Daily Updates


Hey. So crazy rough out there. All day boat turned around because there were a lot of pukers. Half day boat stayed out for macks and did ok. Most trips sold out the next 3 days but feel free to call or book online and dont forget STRIPER TOURNSMENT JULY 27. 5K PRIZE!

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Marathon July 15 a mixed bag!!

Good day on the Northern Star. Mixed in with the hundreds of dogfish there were nice haddock and Pollock and BIG cusk!!

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All in all a good day Sunday July 14

All day had a ruff start with the dog fish attacking the boat for the first 2 stops. The 3rd stop brought lots of action. 150 fish on board. The macks must have been…

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July 13 all day recap

Capt Pete had the all day boat with happy fishermen! Lots of haddock ( a lot of shorts) but still a lot of action! And Zorro the whale put on quite a show.

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Late bite for all day July 11

Capt Johnny had the White Star. Slow day but at 2 oclock the haddock and Pollock showed up. All day trips are sold out. Next avail is Monday. Marathon Monday just had a few coveted spot cancellations! Macks are here so book your half day or night trip now. Striper tournament is July 27. I…

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Dogs! And not the good kind!!!

Capt Johnny on the White Star says the dogs were savage today but they worked through them and got a few nice haddock.  And it was a beautiful day on the water. 2 hour night trip had macks, a few Pollock and perch!

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I spoke too soon Tues July 9

So Capt Johnny said it took them a while but it ended up being an almost pleasant day with a few haddock on board. And on the plus side…. NO DOGS!

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Marathon July 8…..full fish boxes!

So many haddock. A lot limited out ( new regs 15 per person) Huge cusk as well.Some fishermen said it was the best trip ever. Pictured below, in no particular order LOL are 2 of my favorite fishermen showing off. *** Your favorite spot may be taken, but all Monday marathons have room on them…

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Haddock!!! Mackerel!! Whales!! A weird storm! SAT JULY 6

Great day on the White Star. I saw everybody getting off. Didnt look like anyone got 15 ( the new bag limit) but heavy bags full of filets and smiling people. And they got off just in time because the sky opened up and forced our night boat to be canceled. Some people were mad…

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News Splash!! July 5

Haddock limit increase to 15 per person effective immediately!!!

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