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Full & 1/2 Day Bottom Fishing, Mackerel & Striper trips sailing daily!!

All trips are weather permitting! If inclement weather is expected, please call (603)926-2469 one day prior to confirm the status of your trip.

Wed Sept 15 ALL DAY

Official report from Capt Derek who had the ALL DAY on the Northern Star That good Jax done cutting already ** It’s 4pm so I interpret that as slow fishing Rob with the pool winning pollock and other people that were apparently lucky enough to catch a fish…. Book online

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Sept 14 ALL DAY

Report from Capt Cory who had the Northern Star for the ALL DAY trip Took us a while to get away from the dogfish today but once we did we had a pick on quality haddock. Cusk and cod mixed in with some keeper pollack. Good thing was most of the non sharks were keepers…

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Sept 13 MARATHON Fish report from Capt Derek on the Northern Star was very tough conditions, tide and dogfish, but Everybody had plenty of fish in the sea and some for the freezer. Sept 13 ALL DAY Fish report from Capt John on the White Star Fishing was a pick all day. We got cusk…

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Sat Sept 11

Official report from Capt Cory who had the ALL DAY trip on the NORTHERN STAR Lots of sharks and a good amount of fish. Tired fisherman. We took a long ride to try to get away from the sharks. We did not get away from the sharks. We may have slowed them down a little…

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Fri Sept 10

Report from Capt Cory ALL DAY / Northern Star Slow day. Some quality haddock and cod but just never at a fast pace. People who worked hard and could fish through the tide put a good catch together. I think everyone got 3-4 fish for dinner. Haddock was the main species or 6039262469 to…

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WED SEPT 8!!! Good day

Report from Capt Cory who had the ALL DAY on the NORTHERN STAR Good morning. Up and down fishing on haddock pollack and reds few cod. Almost all keepers. Slow pick mid day and building bite to end it VICKI with the pool winning pollock! Next public trips are Friday Sept 10 Book online…

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Reports are starting to come in Capt Pete who had the marathon on the Northern Star Is was a pick all day ended up decent Capt John who had the ALL DAY on the WHITE STAR More haddock than usual Overall didn’t catch as many throwbacks More keepers than usual Capt Cory who had a…

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Sun Sept 5 ALL DAY

All Day on the WHITE STAR Little SLOW today. Waiting for the official fish report but that was the consensus. Jeff with the pool winning cusk! So tomorrow may be the soft ending of the tourist season ( seafood festival next weekend) but our season is just about to ramp up as COD opens Sept…

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Report from Capt John on the WHITE STAR who had the all day trip today. A good day fishing. A bunch of nice pollock with haddock whiting and reds mixed in. Everyone is going home with fish. Beautiful pic of our lady the White Star…..

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Report from Capt Pete on the Northern Star It was a pick all day everyone is going home with some fish Rodney with the pool winning fish on the Northern Star, followed by lots of happy people, the White Star private charter and last but not least… a beautiful shot of Terry entering the office…

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Looking ahead to Fri Sept 3…

Tomorrow Fri Sept 3 lineup Extended half BOTTOM 7am-12 /2 spots left ALL DAY 8am-5. 5 spots left Pm half day mackerel 1pm-5. OPEN NIGHT STRIPER 2 BOATS RUNNING 530pm-830pm. OPEN Book online or call 6039262469

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Wed Sept 1 All Day report

Today’s WET crowd. Larry with the pool winning pollock and other happy fishermen! Official report from Capt Pete on the Northern Star We had a good bite on haddock in the morning then picked away the rest of the day at haddock. One stop had a nice pick on some decent size pollock All boats…

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