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Rocky's Daily Updates

Come fishing tomorrow!! Thurs May 18!!

Looking ahead Thurs ALL DAY 7am-4 Fri ALL DAY 7am-4 Sat & Sun SOLD OUT ** STRIPED BASS SAT & SUN NIGHT** 530pm-830 pm Book online

Tues May 16

STOP! Stop whatever you’re doing and book a fishing trip! After some SLOW DAYS, here is the report!!! It was a good day, steady pick on pollock and haddock. People are taking home plenty of fish Next public trip Thurs 7am-4 Fri 7am-4 Sat and Sun SOLD OUT! Book online LETS GO FISHING!

Mon May 15

SLOW fishing with a large side order of dogfish. Some people had 0 haddock. Average 2. A few fishermen had 5. Some nice cusk had an early showing and a few nice pollock showed up with a handful of reds. Ocean conditions were nice even though it was a little breezy. Shallow fishing. No deeper…

Mother’s Day May 14

As a mother, at the end of the day, you simply want your kids to be happy. Even though Maddox missed Mothers Day brunch- it was the best gift to all of us knowing he was out there WORKING THE DECK. He ASKED to work. Hes 10. He was ready at 3am. No better way…

Sat May 13

Consensus… Nice day great fishermen. Slow on the keepers. Mixed bag again some haddock cusk pollock mackerel reds and a couple wolffish and cunners Sun May 14 7am-4 MOMS FISH FREE 5 spots left Mon May 15 7am-4 Tues May 16 7am-4 Book online LETS GO FISHING!

Wed May 10

It was just a pick. Mixed bag of haddock pollock cusk and red fish THURS PRIVATE CHARTERS FRI 7am-4 SAT SOLD OUT SUN  7am-4   Moms fish free book online

Tues May 9

Just a pick on haddock and pollock today. Ocean conditions and TEMPS are great! Wed 7am-4 Thurs PRIVATE CHARTERS Fri 7am-4 Book online

Sun May 6

A tie for the pool on the Big Rock. Report from Capt John Every one is going home with a few fish. Keeper wise more haddock than pollock. Lots of action. Some nice cod were landed and released. A bunch of whiting a few reds and cusk. Lots of whales and dolphins. Great weather too…

Striped bass?!

STRIPED BASS! Join Capt Derek on the ALL IN Sat May 13 530pm-830pm (Official striped bass trips start in a few weeks but there’s some around so if you want to go on an exploratory trip- this ones for you) Book online KICK SOME BASS!

Mother’s Day is May 14

MOMS FISH FREE on Mother’s Day! Sun May 14 7am-4pm Call 6039262469 for this special offer!! (Phone hours 5am-5pm) LETS GO FISHING!

Sat May 6

It was a decent day pick on haddock and pollock. High hook had 18-20 keepers between pollock and haddock Sun May 7 SOLD OUT Mon May 8 in port COAST GUARD inspections Tues May 9 7am-4 Wed May 10 7am-4 Book online

Looking ahead Fri May 5

Sat and Sun are SOLD OUT I HAVE A VERY LONG WAITING LIST Monday we are all in port for Coast Guard inspection Next available ALL DAY TRIPS TUES May 9 WED May 10 FRI MAY 12 7am-4 Book online LETS GO FISHING!