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Full & 1/2 Day Bottom Fishing, Mackerel & Striper trips sailing daily!!

All trips are weather permitting! If inclement weather is expected, please call (603)926-2469 one day prior to confirm the status of your trip.

Wed Sept 1 All Day report

Today’s WET crowd. Larry with the pool winning pollock and other happy fishermen! Official report from Capt Pete on the Northern Star We had a good bite on haddock in the morning then picked away the rest of the day at haddock. One stop had a nice pick on some decent size pollock All boats…

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Official report from Capt Pete who had the 5am-5pm marathon today on the NORTHERN STAR Lots of dogs in the morning finally got out of them and had a nice pollock bite with haddock and cusk mixed in. Apparently phones were dead so there aren’t any pics…. So here you go… RALPH Lots of availability…

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Fri AUG 27 report!!

Good haddock today That is the report AND FIRST 2 PICS from Capt Cory who had another all day private charter on the CORA BETH ALL DAY report from Capt John on the WHITE STAR A pick on haddock this morning and lotsa small stuff. A few keeper pollock whiting and reds Some pics of…

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THURS AUG 26 all day report

Nice fishing day. A sea breeze. Whales a few nice haddock some decent pollock whiting and reds and lotsa smalls

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Wed Aug 25 ALL DAY

Roger with the pool winning cusk on today’s ALL DAY boat the WHITE STAR. Nice pollock and A LOT of reds. Enjoy these pics of some nice fish, smiling fishermen and closing it out is your friendly crew member Justin!

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White Star ALL DAY private charter Storm didn’t stir up the fish but Reds reigned supreme with a handful of haddock, some pollock, few cusk, a bunch of whiting and many shorts. Nice wolf won private pool (released)and a blue shark was fought at the very end.

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SAT AUG 21 report

ALL DAY private charter report from Capt Pete on the NORTHERN STAR Fishing was better today still a slow grind most of the day then tide turned and they decided to bite for last drift * Pictured below is a non smiling Nate with a nice pollock caught on the WHITE STAR *** ALL TRIPS…

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ALL DAY report from Capt John on the WHITE STAR Wasn’t too bad. Not fast and furious but they added up. Mostly pollock with some haddock whiting and reds. Lotsa smalls Mike Robinson with the pool winning pollock and another cool shot of the whole stern wearing our gear! Tomorrow ( SAT AUG 21) is…

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Wet day on the White Star for the ALL DAY trip!! Everyone was soaked but having fun and picking at the fish…. Not as good as yesterday. Quality was good. Quantity was light. Tuff sea and weather conditions

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Wed Aug 18 ALL DAY report

ALL DAY report from Capt John on the White Star Best trip of the week today. A few more of everything haddock pollock cusk and whiting. Only one shark 😎 A few of our fishermen sporting our gear!

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ALL DAY report from the White Star Another beautiful day at sea. We saw whales dolphins and a few more haddock than yesterday. Good mix of pollock and whiting. Plenty of herring and mackerel and reds. Had a big blue shark circling the boat for about an hour before he grabbed a fish ALL DAY…

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Welcome home Lance Corporal Tryston Starr( 1st photo)! We are truly honored to have you on the Northern Star for our Monday marathon. Great day as most people had a handful of haddock ( some limited out) a few nice size pollock, hake , and Jim won the pool with an 8 lb cusk( filleted…

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