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a man holding a fish in the water a group of people standing next to a window a group of people posing for the camera

Capt John all day report from the WHITE STAR
NICE DAY. Sharks manageable. Some nice cusk. Handful of haddock. A lot of smalls and released some big cod. Non eventful day

Terry with his pool winning cusk!!! A few additional pictures of a shark bite on a shark?, some happy fishermen and some great shots of friends, newfound brothers and always relatable to me- a set of twins!

Our next ALL DAY trip with availability is TUESDAY AUG 16!!! It’s crazy!!
I hate disappointing people everyday when they can’t get on so PLEASE book ahead. Plenty of summer left and we intend to fish until Mother Nature tells us to stop( hopefully November) so
Book online or call 6039262469

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