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News Splash!!! Dec 6

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News Splash!!! Dec 6

a small boat in a large body of water

There is something NEW in Hampton Harbor
When you buy a boat with a loving legacy.
The Captain Jim III owned by James A Palladino and his wife Susan was their pride and joy. Captain Jim took immaculate care of this vessel and his wife said it was his labor of love.
Captain Jim passed away recently and unexpectadly-leaving Susan with a heartbreaking decision to make. Susan has her loving daughters and grandchildren to keep her busy and decided with tears to find the Captain Jim III a new home.
Along came the Gauron Twins and they immediately fell in love with the vessel and more importantly -Susan.
The relationship that formed over the next 6 months is a FOREVER friendship. While honoring Susan’s husband with this post and announcement we will now reveal the name of the new boat from our very own loss. We are naming the new boat
BIG ROCK after our dad so that no one ever forgets him! That name BIG ROCK will be said 100xs per day during the season.
So between James Palladino and Rocky Gauron looking out for us I think we will be in good hands.
A huge thank you to Susan Palladino for working with us. We promise to make you all proud.
We love you
The Gauron Family

The Captain Jim III will be headed to Portland this week for dry dock, name change and maintenance.

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