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Sat Aug 20

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Sat Aug 20

a group of people posing for the camera

From Capt John who had a private charter on the BIG ROCK
Interesting day today. Yesterday the fishing was decent haddock cusk and some pollock. Only a few sharks. Today same area every hook instant sharks. Two hooks two sharks and a wicked tide. Every group has a few fish to bring home

From Capt Pete who had a private charter on the NORTHERN STAR
Very slow

Capt Derek who had a private 12 hour marathon on the ALL IN
It was so so.. we fought the tide and the tide won, we fought the dogs and we won, we fought the cusk and the knife won. We fought a blue shark on a bass rod, and we won. We managed a few Haddock a lot of Cusk, some king whiting as well…

* pic of 2 happy ladies and cliche bunny ears from the one and only Eric the other day on the ALL IN

All boats are SOLD OUT!

Book one of our kayak fishing adventures tomorrow. Nice striper coming up in the harbor.
$65 includes kayak, fishing rod with tackle /accessories,starter bait kit and a fishing license!
Book online

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