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Sat Aug 26

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Sat Aug 26

a group of people flying kites in the air

From Capt John who had the public all day on the BIG ROCK
A pleasant morning. Lines went straight down busy morning with lots of short haddock and pollock and a few cusk and mackerel. Some nice size cod were landed and returned to sea. In the afternoon the sun came out and drove all the sand sharks to the bottom. Mostly sharks in the afternoon with a few keeper haddock

Fron Capt Jackson who had a private charter on the NORTHERN STAR
Few shorts. Few cusk haddock and pollock. And a bunch of dogs. Fishing sucked but good music

From Capt Derek who has many trips daily on the ALL IN
Okay had some haddock and some whiting the charter left with a good amount of fish for a morning half day trip..

Bass fishing=SLOW

Night striper 530pm-830

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