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Sun Aug 13

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Sun Aug 13

a group of people standing next to a body of water

From Capt Derek on the ALL IN
Morning mackerel trip was pretty good we didn’t have to go too far it wasn’t lights out fishing but because we maximized the 4 hours we caught a bunch of Mackerel. Afternoon bass trip was pretty good was very hard to fish in the beginning due to the swell in the mouth of the Merrimack. But we managed to pull three keepers out of there once it calmed down to where we could fish in it.

From Capt John who had the public all day on the BIG ROCK
Very pleasant day really. We actually caught more haddock than cusk we also caught some pollock and reds and only a few sand sharks

12 hrBOTTOM fishing marathon 5am-5 ( 6spots)
Striped bass 1pm-5
Night striper 530pm-830

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