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Sun May 26

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Sun May 26

Monday marathons depart at 5am!!
All day trips depart at 8am

Capt Jax had the NORTHERN STAR macking this morning and maxed out!
Capt Derek had the ALL IN for the Extended 1/2 day and says they had a decent trip.
Capt Pete L had the public all day on the BIG ROCK and says it was Ok, a little better than yesterday, cusk and haddock, some had 6/8
Capt Rocky on Thumper 2 has been out every day haddock hunting and getting the job done as usual.
All boats still out and out again tonight!

Mon May 27
12 hr marathon 5am-5 /4 spots open
Extended 1/2 day bottom 7am-12
All day 8am-5
Book online

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