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Tues Aug 22

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Tues Aug 22

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Capt Derek had the 1/2 day EXTENDED trip
on the ALL IN
It was really rough, pulled up short from where I was heading, (yesterday’s spot) dropped the anchor on first sign of fish and it was better than yesterday. Lot of haddock, most went back over the side but we kept 20 or so and even had a dozen nice sized Pollock. With a bunch of whiting and ling.

Capt John had the public all day on the
Not much to report. Sea conditions improved but not the bite. A few cusk haddock and pollock reds mackerel and whiting. And our usual afternoon blue sharks. We also saw lots of whales

Wed Aug 23 available trips
All day BOTTOM 8am-5 ( only few spots left)
Mackerel 1/2 day 8am-12
Striped bass 1pm-5
2hr night fishing 6pm-8
Book online

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