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Opening day April 1! Sailing 7am-4 daily Weather permitting

All trips are weather permitting! If inclement weather is expected, please call (603)926-2469 one day prior to confirm the status of your trip.
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Wed June 24 report! Great fishing..

First of all, as I write this, the Cora Beth has the striper night trip. Capt Cory posted a video and there is so much action on that boat right now, that you dont even notice the terrential rain coming down. Everywhere he pans the camera…someone is fighting a fish.
Now the all day. I wrote a report yesterday and it was flagged and not posted? Trying to remember what I wrote so I dont do it again…so hope you see this.
Anyway 2 days of great fishing. Lots of fishermen limited out on haddock with a lot of throwbacks mixed in. Non stop reeling.
Macks are here. Not a slam but steady.
And our new trip we offer ( BOTTOM FISHING 7AM-12PM) has had great reports the last 2 days. Some nice haddock,redfish etc.
We would love to see you on our website with fish. Take a pic and send it to [email protected] and SHOW OFF.
Lets go fishing