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Sailing 7 days a week 7am-4 pm weather permitting! Book your trip today!

All trips are weather permitting! Please call (603)926-2469 one day prior to confirm the status of your trip.
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Feb 8 blues…April 1 can’t come soon enough!

As the dirty snow surrounds me  all I can think about is April 1 and beyond. I can tell you feel the same with the way the phone is ringing! I’ve been eating fish 2 times a week to make room in my freezer for this year.

Anyway April 1 is filling but Fri April 2 is wide open so book now and remember all day is now 7-4 but come even earlier than you usually do to see the best stocked tackle shop you’ve ever seen!

Also with fuel costs WAY down take advantage of our inexpensive mid/large charter prices.

Let’s go fishing!