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Opening day Thurs April 1 is FILLING UP!

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Opening day Thurs April 1 is FILLING UP!

Just wanted to pop in and say Thankyou as our phone has been ringing off the hook with fishermen dying to get on the water….myself included.

Major renovations being done on boats and in the tackle shop. Can’t wait to reveal.

Don’t forget we start fishing April 1 and you can keep a cod for a few weeks which makes the pool even more exciting.

If you don’t want to hear my voice feel free to book online ( April 1 is busy but 2-14 still are wide open).

Im heading to Hawaii to visit Rocky and snag Jackson and bring him home. If all goes well your crew member Jax will have his second degree black belt in May and will be our first ever SENSEI crew member which is very exciting.

Anyway, done bragging for now and will try to get on here everyday to update you on our progress!





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